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Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in 2024 Plan Your Perfect Wedding.

Introduction: Choosing an auspicious wedding date is of utmost importance in Hindu customs.

Hindu Weddings

Weddings are a significant and joyous occasion in Hindu culture, representing the union of two souls, families, and traditions. as it is believed to set the tone for a harmonious and prosperous married life. If you are planning to tie the knot in 2024, we have compiled a list of available Hindu wedding dates for you to consider. These dates are based on the Hindu lunar calendar and are considered propitious for various regions across India.


Hindu Wedding Dates in January 2024:

- 17th January (Monday)

- 18th January (Tuesday)

- 23rd January (Sunday)

- 24th January (Monday)

- 25th January (Tuesday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in February 2024:

- 4th February (Saturday)

- 5th February (Sunday)

- 6th February (Monday)

- 12th February (Sunday)

- 13th February (Monday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in March 2024:

- 1st March (Thursday)

- 2nd March (Friday)

- 3rd March (Saturday)

- 4th March (Sunday)

- 5th March (Monday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in April 2024:

- 6th April (Saturday)

- 7th April (Sunday)

- 9th April (Tuesday)

- 10th April (Wednesday)

- 12th April (Friday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in May 2024:

- 2nd May (Thursday)

- 3rd May (Friday)

- 6th May (Monday)

- 7th May (Tuesday)

- 8th May (Wednesday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in June 2024:

- 5th June (Wednesday)

- 6th June (Thursday)

- 7th June (Friday)

- 8th June (Saturday)

- 12th June (Wednesday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in November 2024:

- 3rd November (Sunday)

- 4th November (Monday)

- 6th November (Wednesday)

- 7th November (Thursday)

- 8th November (Friday)

Hindu Wedding Dates in December 2024:

- 1st December (Sunday)

- 2nd December (Monday)

- 9th December (Monday)

- 10th December (Tuesday)

- 11th December (Wednesday)


Please note that these Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in 2024 are subject to regional variations, and it is essential to consult with a trusted astrologer or pundit to ensure the compatibility of the dates with the couple's astrological charts.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Auspicious Hindu Wedding Dates in 2024 :

1. Astrological Alignment: Hindu weddings often consider the alignment of stars and planets to determine auspicious dates. The couple's birth charts are analyzed to find a harmonious time that promotes a successful and blissful marriage.

2. Seasonal Considerations: Depending on the region, couples may prefer specific seasons for their weddings. Factors such as weather, temperature, and cultural preferences play a role in determining the perfect time of the year.

3. Family and Guest Availability: It is vital to consider the availability of close family members and guests to ensure the presence of loved ones on the special day.


Choosing an auspicious wedding date is an essential aspect of Hindu wedding traditions. The above-listed dates for 2024 can serve as a starting point for couples and their families. However, it is crucial to remember that the final decision should be based on personal beliefs, astrological insights, and cultural preferences. May your wedding day be blessed with love, joy, and eternal happiness as you embark on this beautiful journey together.

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